kimberly chacra

A Collection of Illustrated Works


Twitter Emoji for Amazon #PrimeDay

To increase excitement for Amazon's biggest event of the year, we partnered together to design a custom emoji featuring Amazon's signature cardboard packages. As conversation grew on the platform the illustrated icon appeared whenever users Tweeted with #Amazon #PrimeDay or #PrimeDay2018. This was the first ever custom emoji for Amazon US!

Friendly Faces

A series of custom emojis to represent the vibrant characters on the Twitter Brand Strategy Team.

Name|Illustration Representation

A depiction of a name in illustration form with a looser style than I usually gravitate towards.


A series of illustrations that offer a peak into the hobbies that I enjoy doing and some of the foods I love to eat. Developing my own style was the hardest yet most rewarding aspect of this project. 

Design Consultant

@ZincDetails Furniture Store

Retaining individual furniture specs for 20+ brands of designer furniture was no easy feat. But by use of illustration I became intimate with their designs and began to further appreciate what made them unique. Such as, how they were built, why certain materials were used based off of what the designer was trying to achieve and what decisions were made to guarantee high production quality. The facts that I uncovered while replicating their forms allowed me to remember content related to the pieces of furniture. 

Using Format