kimberly chacra

stumps league

Stumps, the game with few rules and endless shenanigans. My friends and I truly enjoy playing this game yet its a game without a voice. I set out to give it a brand and also make it easier to teach others how to play. It's a friendly, loud entertaining game that is slightly kooky. Check out the below materials to learn the more about the game. Now that you've been given the opportunity to play, will you pass it up or will you nail it?

georgette packaging

georgette packaging

My role was to design a pattern pitch following one of four themes. Offer clients adorable, eye-catching and thoughtful patterns. Patterns should be customizable through use of colour and by adding different logos on top. Patterns must be photogenic, as our bakeries want their clients to market them via social media.

In terms of colour: consider monochrome (1 colour at any intensity), duochromatic (2 Pantone colors) and full colour versions. (1 or 2 colors in a pattern make them affordable to print and lets the client play around with different colours.) Notes kept me organized and set our plan in place. Things we kept in mind included keeping in brand with Magnolia's curre. Execution was a balancing act of making sure the food stylist and the videographer envisioned the same


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