kimberly chacra

art direction

Magnolia Ice Cream

Challenge: Art direct Magnolia Ice Cream's commercial, that would appear on concert jumbotron screens, tvs, desktop and mobile devices, without eating all of the ice cream. 

Execution was a balancing act of making sure the food stylist and the videographers envisioned the same concept but were given direction that was appropriate for their medium. Communication was key to ensure we filmed shots within the allotted time and problem solved when needed. We kept elements authentic to Magnolia's brand by shooting with their real ice cream product and by styling fully rounded, textured ice cream scoops with a bright tropical color scheme. Directing this video shoot was very stop and go, thus I utilized any down time to photograph our food vignettes for Magnolia's social media handles. 

directional milk pouring chats are taken very seriously here


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